5 noiembrie 2012

Everything changes

Posted in Noaptea tarziu tagged la 02:01 de alter ego

It is a truth generally acknowledged that in the end people become what they once said they’d never become. Sometimes change is needed, but sometimes you become the person you hate the most. You become the most disagreable and miserable person you’ve ever met and you still dare to ask yourself why. And this is because of the crazy little thing called…life.

As simple as it can be my ass! Life’s not simple! We think of it as if it was simpler, but reality proves us wrong everytime. The Placebo effect is everywhere you look. I wouldn’t have said this myself a couple of months ago, but happiness is relative. And so is everything else.
There is always sunshine after the storm but can anyone be sure that there wouldn’t be any ‘storms’ left?

Yeah… But it was much more boring back then! 😀