5 martie 2012

Love and other drugs

Posted in Inspiratiune morbida, Noaptea tarziu, Noi tagged , , , la 23:19 de alter ego

Thinking that you could run away someday leaves me speechless. For a moment, I do not have any strength. I do not have the strength to clear my thoughts. I do not have the strength to make myself realise that this is not really going to happen. This is just a product of my damaged imagination, my troubled mind, yet deep inside I know, I am certain of this one single thing: You will stay. Because just like me, you are tremeduously weak. And you need me. You WILL need me. You’ll need my arms to feel safe, you’ll need my shoulder to cry on, you’ll need me entirely when your whole world will be falling apart.
But I know.. You won’t be able to hurt me that way. You are conscient enough to realise that you’d get wounded too. And it wouldn’t be that kind of flesh wound that needs a band-aid and simply heals without leaving any scars. No. You would be deadly injured, you’d scream and nobody would have any time to listen to your moans. You’d be silenced by your own despair and slowly you would be dying..
You certainly know all this. You know just as much as I do that if nobody leaves and decides to play their own happiness on one card, we both could make this last forever.


2 comentarii »

  1. Stefan said,

    pretty good!

  2. Andreea said,

    Thank you! 😀

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